William Jordan Investment Advisors

William Jordan Investments was born in my mind as early as the mid 1990s. I had seen first hand the benefits of education, and especially education on how wealth really works as well as the consequences of not having access to a practical education on money. Having made some significant financial mistakes of my own in my late teenage years, I became dedicated to creating a firm which could go beyond managing wealth and providing financial peace of mind, and in addition help educate families and their heirs on how wealth really works.

Our firm’s story really begins as early as my high school days. Having moved around quite a bit as a child (I attended 9 different schools from K-12) I was never in the right place to be tracked into the gifted or honors programs. I managed to make almost every mistake possible related to planning for college and even though I was accepted to the one college I applied, Carnegie Mellon University, I did not attend there primarily for financial reasons.

Ironically, after living on my own and working full time for 3 years to complete a 2 year AA degree, I would discover years later that my high school SAT scores were in the top 2% in the nation. Suffice it to say I could have attended any number of the nation’s best colleges, however no one came alongside to educate me or my family on just how well I had done or the impact those scores could make. I do not regret my path because it has helped me develop the passions and abilities I have today, and I consider myself truly blessed.

After college and a few unrelated jobs I had the opportunity to get to know several people who had achieved incomes in the top 1% of the nation. Much like Robert Kiyosaki in Rich Dad Poor Dad , the lessons I learned were both positive and negative. When combined with my own “school of hard knocks” financial education I realized the dramatic benefit a wealth manager could have on those who accumulated significant wealth.

I began my career with a national wirehouse firm and quickly learned that I wanted more opportunity to customize services and identify the best possible investments for my clients. I also spent time as a financial planner inside a tax firm which increased the breadth of my experience. The opportunity came for me in 2004 to own my own wealth management firm and since then I’ve never looked back.

Above all I remain committed to these key principals.  First, do not lose money. I believe in a more conservative approach to wealth management and realize the old fable about the tortoise and the hare really is true.  Secondly I place a high value on investment income. Even before someone needs to have their portfolio generate income, making sure you earn something each year and reinvesting that income is a secret to investing success.

Lastly as an investment advisor, delivering more than just wealth management but education. I am committed to helping my clients become more knowledgeable about wealth and money than they were when I began working with them and also to helping educate the next generation who will eventually inherit their wealth. Education is the tool and the proper application of the education you receive is what ultimately determines your success.