Investment Advisor

Investment Advisor

William Jordan Investments, Inc. acts as an investment advisor on every type of traditional investment as well as several less traditional investment alternatives. When considering the right investment for our clients, having the breadth of choice available allows our firm to design the most appropriate and beneficial investment strategy possible.

Stock Market

We can provide our clients with any type of stock market investment from ETFs to mutual funds or individual stocks.

With the stock market, more important than selecting the investments is maintaining a sell strategy which defines when a given investment should be sold.  The traditional buy and hold strategy, while ideal for pension funds and other investments with fifty to one hundred year time horizons, does not work for individuals and families who anticipate spending some of their assets either now or in the future.

Our unique investment discipline creates a process by which we can strive to deliver stock market returns with a reduction in the level of risk and the chance of a catastrophic event similar to 2008.  Investing in stocks is more than buying the hot fund when the market is rising, it is applying a strategic discipline in all environments and having the patience and fortitude to follow that discipline at all times.

Bond Market

While we can and do have access to virtually any bond or bond based investment product, William Jordan Investments has been advising clients to reduce or eliminate long term bond holdings with very few exceptions.

Bond prices rise as interest rates fall, and thus prices fall as interest rates rise.  It is imperative that an investment strategy be strategic and not simply based on a historical allocation.  While bonds are considered the balancing component to stocks in almost every investment portfolio, our firm is not afraid to move away from conventional wisdom when the environment dictates.

If you believe interest rates are likely to rise in the coming years, then the wisdom of holding bonds is called into question.  Certainly there is more to this issue than can be addressed in brief.  Some of our media features both written and televised have discussed the issues related to bonds.  We direct your attention to this information or to the soon to be released book, Strategic Wealth by William Jordan.

Trust Deeds

Trust deeds have been used as high yielding income investments for decades if not centuries.  Similar to a traditional mortgage, trust deeds are loans secured by real estate, though generally not owner occupied residential real estate.  These fixed income investments have some of the best risk adjusted yields in the investing world.

As trust deeds are secured by a piece of real estate, the level of risk is dependent upon the loan to value (LTV) of the note and the property itself.  The risk of trust deeds can be reduced by using what we call double secured trust deeds.  A double secured trust deed is one where the real estate is only the first layer of security and there is a second layer of protection on the note.

For more information on double secured trust deeds contact our firm or read The Seven Percent Solution by William Jordan.

Real Estate

Too many investment firms shy away from real estate as an investment option.  It may be because other wealth managers don’t fully understand real estate, or don’t know how to incorporate it within a portfolio.  However real estate, when properly used, can reduce the level of risk present in an investment portfolio while also increasing both the yield and long term returns.

In 2005 our firm’s president, William Jordan, warned anyone who would listen that real estate was heading for a significant decline.  In fact his words were “if you have real estate you need to sell in the next five to seven years, sell it now”!  This implies that like all investments, there must be a strategy for when to sell, not just when to buy.

Having a sell strategy allowed our firm to recommend selling real estate at a time when almost every expert in the country was calling for a “soft landing”.  Maintaining a sell strategy will play a pivotal role in any investment decisions.

In 2010, our firm began to recommend strategic purchases or investments in real estate in specific situations.  Since then as the real estate market has demonstrated a more solid foundation we have increasingly advised clients to add this asset back into their portfolios.

While we are not Realtors and do not handle individual real estate transactions for our clients, there are many ways to include real estate in your portfolio.

Proprietary Products

A premier wealth management firm will generally have several unique and proprietary investments available for its clients.  As these investments are reserved only for the clients of the firm, they are not advertised publically.

We continue to see opportunities for excellent yields with a lower level of risk than in many other investments.  As a firm, our focus is to protect principal and then maximize return, while always keeping protection of principal as our highest priority.

This means you won’t find venture capital deals in our gallery of proprietary investments.  Our clients are not those who are chasing returns regardless of risk.  A William Jordan Investments client is someone who has learned that the protection of principal when combined with a strategic approach to obtaining high yields usually generates the best performance in the long run.