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Financial Advising ServicesCustom Asset Allocation

The wealth management community preaches the benefits of diversification. However in the implementation it usually comes down to three basic asset classes: stocks, bonds, and cash. Somehow assets such as real estate and alternative income options are often left out.

In the twenty first century, the rules have changed and the opportunities (and risks) are more varied and require a greater level of diversification. At William Jordan Investments we recognize the benefits of including real estate and other assets in our client’s portfolios to facilitate tangible diversification.

While most financial advising firms settle for recommending an asset allocation which looks surprisingly similar to everyone else’s, William Jordan Investments focuses our time and knowledge in identifying which assets to include (and exclude) from a client’s portfolio as part of our financial advising services.

This process is the reason we recommended our clients remove real estate from their investments in the middle of 2005, why we reduced or eliminated stocks from some of our portfolios in early/mid 2008, and why we added real estate back into our portfolios when most everyone else is talking about the problems experienced several years ago yet are still fresh in our mind.

True custom asset allocation is identifying the right mix of assets to accomplish your financial priorities without ignoring assets simply because they require more time and effort to research and analyze. At William Jordan Investments we know that no two clients are exactly the same, and treat each person uniquely.